Factors such as unity and talent are critical components when building a powerful team. And it is near impossible to imagine either without inclusion. At QVARTZ, we are convinced that much more is gained by opening up than narrowing down, and we constantly aim to include more perspectives, skills, colleagues, cooperation partners – and friends. Welcome to the QVARTZ Annual 2018. We trust you will feel included.

Painting by numbers

The world’s most common system for representing numbers is the Hindu-Arabic numeral system, invented in India around the 6th century. While the numbers are a simple combination of just 10 symbols or digits; together, they hold the power to convey great stories. Here are some of our tales from the year past.




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A 93-year-old startup


Throughout the years, B&O has managed to stay on top of the game, relentlessly pioneering innovation and customer experience. In order to keep up the pace, the company now finds itself in a process of deep diving into the waters of digital opportunities, with a data-driven approach to improve the customer experience. Meet Christian Birk, SVP for Digital and Customer Experience at B&O, who sees no difference between the mindset of B&O and that of newly born entrepreneurial undertakings.

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You reap what you sow


Without fertilizer, millions of people around the world would not have enough food on the table and many farmers would lose their livelihoods. Yara, the world’s leading fertilizer company, has for the past 114 years been on a clear mission: To responsibly feed the world. Throughout time, Yara’s focus has shifted from assets to crops and farmers, and the company’s new farmer-centric strategy challenges its employees to think and work in new ways. Meet Bent Axelsen, SVP at Yara, who knows how to create traction among 17,000 colleagues.

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Pinnacles of the year

2018 brought us around the world – and closer together than ever before. Of the thousands of snapshots that make up the past year, some will linger for a long time yet. Here’s a bird’s view on some of them.

Listening to live music and decorating a big Christmas tree during the annual Christmas event at Center Sandholm, Denmark’s largest asylum center.

Meaningful interactions across the entire civilization at the annual getaway in Båstad, Sweden.

Art mixer for 350 close connections at Liljevalchs’ Spring Salon in Stockholm.

Voted #1 on Firm Culture in Vault’s survey among 25 major consulting companies for the third consecutive year.

Friends of the house and their families gathered in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen to enjoy a festive Christmas theater, punch, sweets and great company.

More than 60 ambitious first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs embarked on a new adventure as part of the Charge Incubator program in Oslo.

A meaningful, humbling and activity-packed day together with the residents of Center Sandholm, Denmark’s largest asylum center.

Official Consulting Partner at the CBS Case Competition with teams from all over the world.

750 people lifted the roof at the annual Club Q when The Minds of 99 gave a mind-blowing performance.

Surfing, playing volleyball, snacking and socializing on the beach in Peniche, Portugal.

Outstanding music, great food and thirst-quenching drinks at the OverOslo music festival.

Courageous teams fought it out on the field during the QVARTZ Soccer Challenge.

The QVARTZ Cycling Club explored the beautiful French Alps.

Three days of powder snow, blue skies and après-ski in Austria.

Excited mentors from QVARTZ and Vertical Strategy kicked off the Reach for Change mentorship program in Copenhagen.

Interesting debates and the QVARTZ Reflection Lounge at this year’s People’s Meeting on the island of Bornholm.

Passionate female students cooperated to solve a pressing business issue presented by the Indian-Danish NGO LittleBigHelp.

The ultimate warm-up for the Distortion street festival together with a bunch of talented students.

A rainbow-colored celebration of equality, diversity, inclusion and iconicity.

Letter to me

Maria Belfrage

In a heartfelt letter, Maria Belfrage, Engagement Partner at QVARTZ, shares some of the things she would like to tell a younger version of herself, back when she had just started her career in consulting. Who would have thought that the colleague she thought was kind of a douchebag would become one of her best friends?

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When the going gets tough


Did you know that there is an artificial island in the North Sea, just off the coast of northern Germany? The island, Mittelplate, is Germany’s largest oil field, and it is owned by the two companies DEA and Wintershall. In 2018, these two O&G heavyweights decided to join forces and embark on a wide-scale merger. Meet Leonie Hillebrecht, Chief of Staff at DEA, who is making full use of the current commotion to make her organization fit for the future.

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When all the pieces come together

Sandvik Machining Solutions

If you have ever been in an airplane or used a smartphone, you have most likely been very close to a tiny piece of metal that Sandvik Machining Solutions has helped manufacture. In fact, these guys have been involved in some stage of the production of basically every metal component that moves. But they do most of their work behind the scenes – and during the past 150 years, their company has managed to grow and expand its business within an industry where many are struggling. Meet Klas Forsström, President of Sandvik Machining Solutions.

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We have a nightmare … and fortunately also a dream


Morten Albæk, philosopher and Founder & Chairman of Voluntās, and Torsten Hvidt, Partner & Co-founder of QVARTZ, share much more than the professional relationship warranted by more than a decade of collaboration, projects and exchange of knowledge and ideas. They also share a profound interest in how meaning – or the lack hereof – can make or break human beings, leadership, organizations and societies. 

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“A human being who gets a deep sense of meaning from the work that he or she is doing is much more productive and efficient than someone who is merely satisfied.”

From London to Kolkata


“I think we all have an intuition about our lives and our dreams; our desires and our needs, but we are too scared to really listen.” 11 years ago, Lisbeth Johansen quit her job as Sales and Marketing Director in London to buy a one-way ticket to India. After a rough start and a close encounter with a corrupt charity organization, Lisbeth decided to found LittleBigHelp, an NGO that works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and families. Click to read the full story about a remarkable woman who dared to take a big leap of faith.

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A life-saving operation


Falck has been through stormy weathers in the past couple of years and questionable decisions have been made. The task of making amends will continue for some time yet. In 2017, Jakob Riis came aboard as the new CEO, with a first big task of turning the ship around and changing the way things were run both internally and externally. Jakob encountered a company in financial distress – but also a large group of dedicated employees with a genuine desire to help others. Read the full story about Falck, the world’s largest international rescue company.

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What role must corporations play in a sustainable future? And what can they gain from doubling down on sustainable solutions? Is it really all about “reduce, reuse, recycle” – or is there more to developing future-proof solutions? Meet Stephanie Hubold, Sustainability Expert in QVARTZ, who has no doubt that immense advances can be made by corporations who dare to go a step further and start rethinking current practices.

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“More and more investors are understanding sustainability as a true value driver.”

Green lights on


When a leading energy company opts to turn its entire business green and at the same time embark on a large international expansion, it’s bound to cause a fair amount of commotion. Ørsted's current transformation is a reflection of a globalized industry that has become increasingly mature and professionalized. This has given rise to internal reflection and self-examination at Ørsted. As a result, the newly-hatched green company today keeps a steady focus on the element that drives all change: People.

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