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A splash of colour

One of the most important aspects of management consulting is teamwork. We therefore invited a group of boldstudents to join us in Malmö last week, where we challenged their collaborative skills in the most colourful way we could think of. Three talented graffiti...

A tribute to Tommy & Annika

While QVARTZ does not shortlist candidates to compilations such as this one, we do however join in the celebration of two absolutely fantastic former members of the QVARTZ civilisation.

Adding a twist of science

At QVARTZ, we believe that innovative and great solutions come from working together in diverse teams where people bring different things to the table. Therefore, we invited 25 bright science and engineering students to our office in Ryesgade last Wednesday.

A welcome salute for Ashley

As one of the few women involved in international business and startups in her previous workplaces, Ashley Thomas cares deeply about diversity and leadership-related topics at the office.

A proud new member of InsurLab Germany

BÜLOW & QVARTZ is now a part of InsurLab Germany, a platform for networking startups within the insurance industry. InsurLab Germany is supported by numerous insurers, universities, other educational institutions and startups from all over the country. It has 52...

Mysterious escapes in Bergen

Last Tuesday brought us to beautiful Bergen, where we started the day at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Later on, we took a more creative approach to problem solving by challenging a group of students in a mysterious escape room.

Sara and Joen on (the) board

A big congrats to Partner Sara Laurell and Engagement Partner Joen Averstad from our Stockholm office who can both add yet another board position to their resumes.

A well-versed jubilarian

A full decade has passed since Andreas Gebhardt joined BÜLOW & QVARTZ in Hamburg, and his list of accomplishment is long.

Intimate session on talent management

Last week, QVARTZ Partner Jens Friis Hjortegaard and Associate Digital Advisor Tim Bruun Madsen were invited to a management seminar at the global biopharmaceutical company MSD in Denmark to give an inspirational session on talent management lifecycle as displayed.

The life of a Junior Consultant

Yesterday, they invited 22 sharp students to our Copenhagen office to learn more about what JCs do in QVARTZ – from the tightknit community to working side by side with full-time consultants on real-life projects and balancing it all with study life.

Friends from the past

Our Oslo office was buzzing with good vibes last Thursday as we opened our doors to QVARTZ alumni from near and far.

Postcard from QVARTZ: Mads in Sydney

Senior Consultant Mads Balsig is currently enjoying a six-month stay in Australia. He is working for our friends at Port Jackson Partners in Sydney, and living life Down Under to the fullest.

Charge Inclubator Bootcamp 2018

Eight ambitious start-ups in Norway worked hard to land a spot on the Charge Inclubator programme, aimed at accelerating first-generation immigrant entrepreneurs. Learn more about this inspiring initiative in the video....

10 talents from 6 offices

Ashley from our Singapore office. Kim from Hamburg. Camilla and Emelie from Stockholm. Diviya from New York. Henrik from Oslo. Kristina, Jeppe, Marianne and Kristian from Copenhagen. Welcome to all the 10 new talents who are currently gathered in Copenhagen to become better acquainted with QVARTZ, each other and the rest of the civilisation.

The psychology of pricing

efining the right pricing strategy for your business is a complicated matter. Sally Khallash, founder of the consultancy Behavioural Strategy and lecturer at Harvard University, has done extensive research within the field of behavioural economics and the psychological mechanics behind decision-making. Last week, she presented insights from her recent book on the subject at a breakfast seminar at our Copenhagen office.

The legal aspect

Loaded with questions about the world of management consulting, a group of bright law students visited our office in Ryesgade last night.

Digital transformation done right

Across the world, executives are focusing relentlessly on the use of digital technology to improve the performance and reach of their enterprises. In 2017, QVARTZ and Microsoft interviewed 90+ companies across Scandinavia about their digital ramp-up and their views on what lies ahead. In a recent LinkedIn article, QVARTZ Partner Jens Friis Hjortegaard and Digital Associate Advisor Tim Bruun Madsen highlights some of the key learnings from the survey.

Bringing mining leaders up to speed

These days, Kash Sirinanda from QVARTZ Analytics is participating in Mining Investment Asia, a strategic mining conference and exhibition with 400 attendees from 25 countries.

An experience out of this world

CBS Case Competition is one of the best of its kind in the world. A few weeks back, this year’s case competition took place and we were there to engage with the students and not least be part of the jury in the finals. Watch the recap here.

Engaging engineers and scientists

A very diverse field of companies attended the annual DSE Career Fair at the Technical University of Denmark last week, which attracts more than 10,000 engineering and science students each year.