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The cornerstones in teamwork

Last Friday, Head of People at QVARTZ, Dorte Bregnhøj, held an interactive workshop with the executive board of Finance and Consulting Club Aarhus (FACCA), where unique personal preference profiles were discovered and discussed to improve and increase teamwork. 

Exploring career opportunities

With a background in nanoscience, management consulting was not the obvious career choice for Cecilie Oest-Jacobsen, Senior Consultant at QVARTZ. Last night, Cecilie told of her career path and the way she uses her science degree in management consulting to 300...

Year of the Dog

Did you know that the Chinese New Year is based on the lunar calendar, and therefore falls on different dates each year? The 2018 festivities kick off today and our QVARTZ colleagues in Singapore are therefore enjoying some well-deserved time off with their families....

Talent management in the digital renaissance

The digital renaissance is running at full speed and is radically changing not only the way we manage companies, but also how we work. Being able to attract and retain the right talent is more crucial than ever before in order for companies to navigate successfully in this new era. But how do you do that? QVARTZ Associate Digital Advisor Tim Bruun Madsen and Partner Jens Friis Hjortegaard have recently published a knowledge perspective addressing talent management as a key measure to long-term survival and realisation of profit.

Learning from one of the best

QVARTZ Partner Johan Reiersen has almost 20 years of experience in the management consulting business and knows the ins and outs of structured problem solving. Last night, he shared his best tips and tricks complemented by real-life examples and consulting anecdotes with a group of 40 intrigued students at Stockholm School of Economics.

Something to aspire to

Last Thursday, we discussed dreams, hopes and future career opportunities with the 25 students attending our mentoring programme as well as a group of newly returned students from the CBS GLOBE programme.

Unique Norwegian position for self-driving cars

In today’s Finansavisen, Erik Nordbø and Per Karlsson from QVARTZ Oslo report how Norway can take advantage of being 5-7 years ahead in the transition to electric vehicles and make the country a natural place for commercial autonomous vehicle pilots.

Making work processes more efficient

At this Wednesday’s HR Tech 2018 conference in Forneby, QVARTZ’ Head of People in Oslo, Elise Langerød, told an audience consisting of 200 HR professionals about our journey towards digitalising and streamlining internal systems and processes.

When the public sector goes digital

To maintain this position, public organisations need to ensure that digitalisation is high on the management agenda and an integrated part of both their core business and company culture. That is one of the recommendations in QVARTZ and Microsoft’s recent white paper about digital transformation in the Danish public sector, which looks into the digital maturity of 20 public organisations.

The perfect fit

We are happy and proud to welcome Engagement Partner Stephanie Hubold to our Copenhagen office. Stephanie, who is originally from Germany, has worked and lived in no less than five different countries. She has previously been at Lehman Brothers, McKinsey & Co. and finally at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (the leading global organisation and think tank in the field of circular economy) before deciding to relocate to Denmark to join our humble civilisation.

QVARTZ enters partnership with UC STRATEGY in India

At QVARTZ, we believe in the power of an Open Garden ecosystem where we connect with skilled and experienced partners around the globe in order to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Going forward, proprietary systems will not be able to cope with the speed of change and hyper-volatility across continents. Consequently, we are thrilled to announce that we have signed a partnership with our old friends from the most prominent strategy consulting company in India – UC STRATEGY.

Exploring management consulting

Our Oslo office was buzzing with energy and curiosity last week when two groups of students from Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen and Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim paid us a visit to learn more about management consulting the QVARTZ way.

The mamas are moving it

Following the Norwegian government’s increased focus on the integration of immigrant women, the national television channel TV2 Norge visited our Oslo office to talk to People Manager Elise Langerød about QVARTZ’ collaboration with Moving Mamas.

24 new dogbiters

This week, 24 new colleagues have joined our civilisation. For the next couple of days, they will be in Copenhagen to attend their first Academy course. A warm welcome to all of you.  

Fashion con amore – making a mark

Like QVARTZ, many fashion brands have Nordic roots and are present on the global stage. That is why we are happy to support Copenhagen Fashion Week and the many Nordic fashion companies making their mark in this entrepreneurial and vibrant industry.

Curious by nature

Followership. Civilisation. Concerts. Soccer tournaments. Open garden network. Global. Scandinavian. That was just a few of the things about QVARTZ that sparked the curiosity of the 25 industrial management and engineering students from Lund University who visited our Stockholm office last night.

Fighting gravity

“Leading is very much about fighting gravity and ensuring that the flow of initiatives and actions do not have to stop at a red light (for long) in the matrices between vertical power and scale on the one hand, and horizontal impact and results on the other”. QVARTZ Managing Partner Hans Henrik Beck is featured as Speaker of the Month by communications consultancy Re:Spark. In his featured article, Hans Henrik reflects on the complexity of leadership and highlights four rather simple but very important leadership enablers.

The fabulous four

It’s been a busy couple of days at our Copenhagen office. Yesterday, a group of analytical masterminds attended the first-ever QVARTZ Analytics full-time recruitment camp. Last Friday, talented and ambitious students visited Ryesgade for an intense day of problem solving and partner interviews at our Junior Consultant recruitment camp. We are thrilled to be able to welcome no less than four new champions to our civilisation, each bringing their own unique skill set.

Addressing the big questions

Yesterday, QVARTZ hosted a meetup for The Future If Community – a community of business leaders, authors and futurists concerned with the big questions of what our future will look like if certain technologies, ideas, approaches and trends actually materialise.

New Year’s Reception in Amsterdam

More than 600 Dutch business leaders joined Boer & Croon and QVARTZ in Amsterdam’s renowned concert hall, Muziekgebouw, for the annual Boer & Croon New Year’s Reception this week.