Vertical Strategy

Wrapped in a vibrant start-up culture and infused with global partnerships, Vertical Strategy delivers pragmatic and high-quality solutions to clients. Its team of experienced consultants has a strong track record of building agile growth strategies and innovative business models. Vertical Strategy's project portfolio counts cutting edge projects such as the “Future Mobility Concept” at Airbus, revolving around the development of flying cars, and the MobileLife incubator at Danske Bank. Vertical Strategy is a part of the QVARTZ civilization.



Turning incumbents into rebels

Vertical Strategy is a fusion between a consultancy and an innovation agency, made up of a team of diverse profiles with a strong record of building agile growth cultures and innovative business models. The companies they work for all have one thing in common: they want to identify growth – whether inside or outside of their core business. “It doesn’t matter if you’re Grundfos and you’re selling a pump, or you’re Danske Bank delivering a financial service, in the future you know that you need to sell a new and complete experience. Or if you’re Maersk and you feel that your core business is under pressure, and you know you need to reinvent and move into completely new business areas," says Joachim Allerup, Co-founder of Vertical Strategy.

The Vertical Strategy team helps clients detect new growth avenues and ventures by applying a different set of capabilities – with an emphasis on strategic understanding, customer insights, entrepreneurial executions and concept design. “We help our clients design and execute new ventures by utilizing a different set of tools that are new to strategic thinking,” explains Karsten Petersen, Co-founder of Vertical Strategy. “It can either be as standalone growth projects or as larger transformation projects where we help organizations find a new way of working by applying these capabilities, tools and mode of execution into their existing organization. That way, they make the move toward being digital rebels or growth rebels rather than being caught as incumbents in the old world.”

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