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In China, they don’t eat cheese with sticks

To Peder Tuborgh, CEO of Arla, this knowledge is essential in order to remain in the frontline of an industry where the demographics have changed drastically in recent years. Peder Tuborgh has been in Arla for almost three decades, the past 11 years as CEO. His time as CEO has been transformative and truly remarkable; the revenue has doubled and Arla has remodelled itself from a Nordic company to a true global player. A daredevil of dairy with a new bold strategy emphasising marketing and innovation. Watch the video and read the case about Peder Tuborgh and why it’s important to know how the Chinese eat cheese.


A new dawn after Skyfall

In 2013, Jacob Schram had a big idea. Statoil Fuel & Retail, which he was heading,
had been acquired by global convenience store conglomerate Alimentation Couche-Tard,
and even though this event had caused some disappointment at first, Jacob had decided to stay on board.
After an exciting journey, Jacob and his colleagues are now on the verge of launching a united global brand.
Watch the video and read their story on how to unite several brands into one global brand.


Old habits die hard

After the financial crisis, Maersk Tankers was facing difficult market conditions.
As a response, Maersk Tankers defined an ambitious five-year strategy. To
turn the strategy into reality, they decided to apply the Value Realisation methodology.

Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ

The deep breath before the plunge

And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again…” wrote F. Scott Fitzgerald in his masterpiece The Great Gatsby. Whatever your summer has in hold – adventures in nature, inspiration from big cities or relaxation on the beach – we wish you the feeling that Fitzgerald described

Keep on rockin’

As you may already know, Big People are a pretty big deal at QVARTZ. Consequently, we are extra happy that quite a few of our friends chose to join our Roskilde event this year, alongside the other 80,000 people – the old, the young, the combination of the two (Neil Young), the movers, the shakers, the music makers – and made it a night to remember. We all returned with that special “Roskilde feeling”… completely invisible, yet completely evident. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. We guess a film must be worth at least twice that, which is why we have compiled a little video from the festival. Enjoy!

Keep on rockin’ in the free world

The 2016 instalment of the legendary and magnetic Roskilde Festival has now been kicked off. And true to tradition, two iconic QVARTZ sites are firing on all cylinders. A great number of the big people that we have met at client sites during the year will drop by our backstage venue – with a cool lounge area and a great restaurant. At the QVARTZ tent camp, an equally great number of our younger colleagues are enjoying the music and that special Roskilde vibe… completely invisible, yet completely evident. Keep on rockin’.

Five “new oldies”

We are big fans of our team of Junior Consultants. In addition to their talent and dedication, they are a source of energy and inspiration to our entire civilisation. Therefore, it is our great pleasure and a true privilege to announce that five of our Junior Consultants have decided to stick around as full-time consultants.

Amalienborg > Harvard > QVARTZ

The QVARTZ team is more than happy to announce that our colleague, Vilhelm Vig Nielsen, has received the Crown Prince Frederik Scholarship for a year of studies at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. The honour was announced during a ceremony at the Danish Royal Palace, Amalienborg, on June 13. Crown Prince Frederik greeted and congratulated this year’s recipients of the prestigious scholarship, and Vilhelm himself held a speech for the Crown Prince Frederik Foundation and the former recipients of the scholarship.

El Capitan

The QVARTZ team is very happy to announce that Niclas Næstoft Jakobsen, 36 years of age, will assume the role of Office Manager in the iconic Copenhagen office, where the QVARTZ adventure began.

What we offer
to our clients

First-tier consulting skills – insight and experience delivered with integrity. Flexible approach – matching team and skill configuration to client needs. People centrism – mobilising client organisations’ energy and capacity.

What we offer
to our people

Leadership through followership – creating opportunities for others as early as possible. Individualised career development – accelerated learning and career ownership. Opportunity to influence – room to create, build and be entrepreneurial.

Care to join our civilisation?

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Don’t be a stranger

Apply for a student position with QVARTZ in Stockholm, Copenhagen or Oslo. Our student workers are the best in the world. Not just because they are the most competent and ambitious students around, performing tasks comparable to those of full-time consultants and participating in projects with leading Scandinavian clients, but also because they are part of an energetic community which adds considerable value to our civilisation

In need of an upgrade?

Win a cool bike with QVARTZ! QVARTZ is sponsoring the Draget party at Linköping University on September 16-17, and we have therefore lined up a contest where your knowledge about us will be put to the test. The prize? A cool city bike from Stålhästen

What makes your day?

COPENHAGEN: For us it’s Big People. Of all sizes. Not necessarily famous or flashy people, but people who dare, who have drive and who make a difference. Those who deliver impact and move things forward. In our eyes, big people can certainly be found in the spotlight, but they are also found in the corners of busy offices, behind intricate equations or out there in the field, where reality bites.