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Loyalty is a marriage

SAS flies approximately 90,000 people around the world – every day. All the while, the airline is busy gathering customer insights in order to create new products and services, and the passengers are met with a steady flow of new digital features. However, in a not so distant past, SAS was standing on the edge with a free fall in sight. Read the full case and watch the video below to hear Eivind Roald, EVP, Sales and Marketing, explain how on earth SAS managed to turn this around.


Digital Transformation Report 2017

Across the world, executives are focusing relentlessly on the use of digital technology to improve the performance and reach of their enterprises. Together with Microsoft, QVARTZ has interviewed corporate executives from 20 of the largest Danish companies in order to understand how they envision digital transformation from a strategic perspective. Tap into the results and read the entire Digital Transformation Report 2017 here.

Digital Transformation Report 2017

The Misery Index

Last year, Torsten Hvidt, Co-founder of QVARTZ, was invited to join the board of the Stern Stewart Institute – alongside Big People such as the former Prime Minister of Canada, Joe Clark, Emerging Markets Editor at CNN, John Defterios and Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University, Steve H. Hanke. As a consequence of this association, Steve H. Hanke has allowed QVARTZ to reprint one of his most recent articles called Economic Headwinds: Big Players, Regime Uncertainty and the Misery Index. All international companies should be aware of the misery index, which is simply the sum of the unemployment, inflation and bank lending rates, minus the percentage change in real GDP per capita. Check out the tables for Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa/the Middle East.
Economic headwinds case

In the business of rebuilding lives

At a secret address in a small one-way street in Stockholm, between two majestic closed doors, one can find a group of truly extraordinary people. Not just your typical kind of extraordinary people, who crack codes or make covert plans, but the ones who change the lives of others, and also the ones who have managed to take a first step towards turning their lives around. Ann Isaksson, a former police officer, is the Operations Manager at Alla Kvinnors Hus, Sweden’s largest women’s shelter. Watch the video and read the case, and take your hat off, like we do, to people who have gone into the business of rebuilding lives.
All Women’s House case

In China, they don’t eat cheese with sticks

To Peder Tuborgh, CEO of Arla, this knowledge is essential in order to remain in the frontline of an industry where the demographics have changed drastically in recent years. Peder Tuborgh has been in Arla for almost three decades, the past 11 years as CEO. His time as CEO has been transformative and truly remarkable; the revenue has doubled and Arla has remodelled itself from a Nordic company to a true global player. A daredevil of dairy with a new bold strategy emphasising marketing and innovation. Watch the video and read the case about Peder Tuborgh and why it’s important to know how the Chinese eat cheese.


Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ

Our differences unite us

Today marks the last day of Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency. Loved, hated, mocked and cherished – there have been many testaments to the character of America’s 44:th president. One of the most beautiful is the short correspondence between Obama and 10-year-old Sophia Bailey-Klugh, the daughter of a gay couple, who asks for advice on how to handle bullies.

Let your customers’ voice guide your strategy

Whether your company is (or is not) highly customer-centric appears to be one of the hottest management topics today, especially for B2B businesses. Research conclusively shows that companies with outstanding customer relationships significantly outperform their peers, and consequently, many are actively trying and consistently investing in becoming more customer-oriented. QVARTZ has developed a tool and approach to help B2B clients improve their performance.

A visit from Harvard: Big data on the big agenda

Some time ago, a couple of our colleagues went to Harvard Business School to gain inspiration and insights into business analytics and how Big Data can deliver a competitive advantage. We were deeply inspired by Professor Kris Ferreira who took us on an enlightening visit to the future. This week, Professor Ferreira visited our Copenhagen office for two awe-inspiring lectures on the use of Big Data.

The madding crowd in retrospect

A thousand things a thousand times. A multitude of moments. New friends, old relations, unknown land. 82 new colleagues. Always taking heart in and building on our differences; our individual uniqueness, instead of striving for uniformity.

10 fresh firecrackers

QVARTZ is a people-first company. Therefore, we can’t think of a better way to start the new year than to welcome 10 new big people to our small but growing civilisation. Welcome Alexander Vitols, Allan DSilva, Anna Månsson, Jacob Darfelt, Marie Bø, Martin Holgersen, Oscar Hafstad, Sigve Borgmo, Sjur Waagbø and Susanna Hassby.

North star adventurers

At QVARTZ, we like to explore unknown territory. From Aconcagua, South America’s highest mountain, to a dusty lava desert in Spain, onwards to a crisp Swiss lakeside, to the hazy shade of luscious palm trees and the centre of Sydney’s sizzling big city life. Our client engagements bring us to many exciting places, and on our time off, many of us keep on travelling, exploring and learning. As the end of the year is now closing in, we look back at the many exciting places we’ve visited and are excited to see where 2017 will take us.

What we offer
to our clients

First-tier consulting skills – insight and experience delivered with integrity. Flexible approach – matching team and skill configuration to client needs. People centrism – mobilising client organisations’ energy and capacity.

What we offer
to our people

Leadership through followership – creating opportunities for others as early as possible. Individualised career development – accelerated learning and career ownership. Opportunity to influence – room to create, build and be entrepreneurial.

Care to join our civilisation?

Some speak about people as “diamonds in the rough”, needing polishing to fit in. To us, it’s the opposite. We’re looking for people who have an edge.

A peek inside our civilisation

Generosity and trust constitute the glue of our civilisation, and it’s an amazing source of energy to be surrounded by people who put in more than they take out. Here you can take a peek at some iconic moments from our civilisation.