QVARTZ is firmly rooted in the professional values of traditional strategy consulting firms, but we aspire to build a true original based on our Nordic heritage and the practice of what we call Capitalistic Humanism.

That is, the belief that the most difficult questions facing individuals, companies and nations are best answered by insisting on keeping ambition and compassion in the same mental and reflective space, because only then will the answers we get be both valuable and meaningful.


A new dawn after Skyfall

In 2013, Jacob Schram had a big idea. Statoil Fuel & Retail, which he was heading,
had been acquired by global convenience store conglomerate Alimentation Couche-Tard,
and even though this event had caused some disappointment at first, Jacob had decided to stay on board.
After an exciting journey, Jacob and his colleagues are now on the verge of launching a united global brand.
Watch the video and read their story on how to unite several brands into one global brand.


Old habits die hard

After the financial crisis, Maersk Tankers was facing difficult market conditions.
As a response, Maersk Tankers defined an ambitious five-year strategy. To
turn the strategy into reality, they decided to apply the Value Realisation methodology.

“I always want to do better tomorrow”

Following Henrik Heideby’s transition from top management positions to top board positions, we asked him to reflect on his experience and his expectations. Henrik has a reputation for being tough and a number cruncher, but he rather sees himself as passionate, deeply curious and somewhat impatient – even though he does sometimes wish he was better at keeping his mouth shut.


Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ

Senior advisor strengthens QVARTZ’ energy practice

Energy heavyweight Lars Clausen has agreed to lend us his vast knowledge of the industry through a flexible senior advisor partnership. Lars has an impressive track record, having held CEO positions in Shell UK & Scandinavia, DONG Energy Sales & Distribution, Gazprom retail and IBM Denmark. He has a proven record of growth delivery, growing shareholders’ returns, improving customer satisfaction and creating team excitement.

The slippery slopes of oil prices

As oil prices plummeted – reaching the lowest levels in over 10 years in January 2016 and causing mayhem in worldwide markets – the view on the future oil price development has become gloomier than ever. Most forecasts set prices at lower than USD 60 per barrel even by 2018, and not ruling out lows of around USD 20 per barrel in between. Read the first chapter of our Oil & Gas whitepaper.

Performance Management

Performance management is a business process that transcends the organisational hierarchy and has the ability to create the organisational ‘buzz’ that keeps everyone focused on the things that matter most. The essence of performance management is easy to grasp, but getting it effectively embedded in the organisation as a value adding process can be difficult. You will need to define a set of principles and a process that matches the needs (and capabilities) of your organisation. The key to getting the most from performance management, however, is not the system or the choice of rating scale, but in how successful you are in positioning performance management as a key element of everyday leadership.

QVARTZ soccer challenge

For the 6th consecutive year QVARTZ hosted the annual soccer challenge. 12 teams fought for the honorable title and glorious QVARTZ soccer challenge trophy. QVARTZ and Plesner made it to finals where QVARTZ – as the good hosts we are – let Plesner take home the trophy. Thanks for a fantastic day in the sun.

QVARTZ alumni bonanza

Last Friday, QVARTZ hosted a legendary party for all former and current members of the Danish QVARTZ civilisation. The night was fantastic, with trips down memory lane and a great performance by the Danish electropop band Turboweekend. Thanks to all those who participated – shine on, you crazy diamonds.

Structured problem solving in Trondheim

Last Monday, a team of consultants from QVARTZ visited NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, to give a course on structured problem solving. The course generated many interesting discussions, and was well received by the participating students. Following the course, an informal dinner was held in downtown Trondheim.

What we offer
to our clients

First-tier consulting skills – insight and experience delivered with integrity. Flexible approach – matching team and skill configuration to client needs. People centrism – mobilising client organisations’ energy and capacity.

What we offer
to our people

Leadership through followership – creating opportunities for others as early as possible. Individualised career development – accelerated learning and career ownership. Opportunity to influence – room to create, build and be entrepreneurial.

Care to join our civilisation?

Check out current job openings and upcoming events here

Be a lioness

OSLO: Fierce. Festive. Educational. Engaging. This spring’s all-female event at QVARTZ in Oslo has a bit of everything. Come meet us at our office in Wergelandsveien on August 25. We will share our stories about QVARTZ: our history, our aspirations and what it is like to be part of the QVARTZ civilisation.

Big people II big data

COPENHAGEN: We are inspired by people. Big People. The ones who are pushing the envelope out there in the world. We are also pretty impressed by the concept of Big Data. To say the least. On June 9, we combine Big People and Big Data, focusing on the interplay between the two.

In pursuit of the greater good

COPENHAGEN: QVARTZ is experiencing rapid growth – especially in our public sector practice in Denmark. We are therefore looking for new senior forces to strengthen our Team Public in Copenhagen. We are a management consulting company with Nordic roots and a global reach. Results & relationships are our core values and represented in everything we do.

Are you passionate about people?

OSLO: Then come join our People Team. We are on the outlook for an energetic, positive and dedicated team player. The position will be based in our Oslo
office. We are a management consulting company with Nordic roots and a global reach. Results & relationships are our core values and represented in everything we do.