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In the business of rebuilding lives

At a secret address in a small one-way street in Stockholm, between two majestic closed doors, one can find a group of truly extraordinary people. Not just your typical kind of extraordinary people, who crack codes or make covert plans, but the ones who change the lives of others, and also the ones who have managed to take a first step towards turning their lives around. Ann Isaksson, a former police officer, is the Operations Manager at Alla Kvinnors Hus, Sweden’s largest women’s shelter. Watch the video and read the case, and take your hat off, like we do, to people who have gone into the business of rebuilding lives.
All Women’s House case

In China, they don’t eat cheese with sticks

To Peder Tuborgh, CEO of Arla, this knowledge is essential in order to remain in the frontline of an industry where the demographics have changed drastically in recent years. Peder Tuborgh has been in Arla for almost three decades, the past 11 years as CEO. His time as CEO has been transformative and truly remarkable; the revenue has doubled and Arla has remodelled itself from a Nordic company to a true global player. A daredevil of dairy with a new bold strategy emphasising marketing and innovation. Watch the video and read the case about Peder Tuborgh and why it’s important to know how the Chinese eat cheese.


A new dawn after Skyfall

In 2013, Jacob Schram had a big idea. Statoil Fuel & Retail, which he was heading,
had been acquired by global convenience store conglomerate Alimentation Couche-Tard,
and even though this event had caused some disappointment at first, Jacob had decided to stay on board.
After an exciting journey, Jacob and his colleagues are now on the verge of launching a united global brand.
Watch the video and read their story on how to unite several brands into one global brand.


Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ

Female event

Last week, 20 enthusiastic female students visited our Copenhagen office for an afternoon and evening out of the ordinary. In the middle of a presentation about management consulting the QVARTZ way, a police officer and a medical examiner rushed in. The intrusion marked the beginning of a murder mystery, involving a suspicious car in the parking lot, a crime scene in the candy room and quite a bit of blood… Watch the video to learn more.

A blessing at our doorstep

Approximately two million asylum seekers have crossed the EU borders during the past two years. The majority of these are not expected to return any time soon. 22,000 entered Denmark in 2015, but only 31 of the asylum seekers got a job during that year, due to the fact that refugees generally face inexpedient regulation and practices that make it difficult to be employed. It is estimated that an unemployed refugee costs the Danish government more than DKK 200,000 a year. You do the math. Read QVARTZ’ perspective on how the refugee situation can become a valuable asset to European societies and companies.

Joined forces in Båstad

A small recap from our annual company retreat where 225 members of our civilisation joined forces. Yet another iconic moment on the QVARTZ journey.

The marketing capability self test

Is your company sufficiently up-to-date and proficient in modern marketing disciplines? Is your brand position and architecture clearly defined, unique and relevant? Do you deliver personalised customer communication and content at the right time through the right channels? Take our marketing capability self test and find out your baseline in terms of executing effective marketing in a digitalised and globalised world

Homegrown heroes

At QVARTZ, it is a strategic priority to make people develop and succeed, and we have put a number of measures into place to ensure that we deliver against priorities. This is why the pride and pleasure in announcing the election of two homegrown partners is truly great.

Create inherent brand traction

Creating inherent brand traction on par with the world’s leading brands is a multidisciplinary exercise. It requires a competitive value proposition, the underlying business system to deliver and a leadership capable of rallying the organisation around a shared aspiration – only to name a few examples.

What we offer
to our clients

First-tier consulting skills – insight and experience delivered with integrity. Flexible approach – matching team and skill configuration to client needs. People centrism – mobilising client organisations’ energy and capacity.

What we offer
to our people

Leadership through followership – creating opportunities for others as early as possible. Individualised career development – accelerated learning and career ownership. Opportunity to influence – room to create, build and be entrepreneurial.

Care to join our civilisation?

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Consulting with impact

AARHUS: At QVARTZ, we aspire to deliver true impact and exceptional results in all our engagements, whether with our clients on strategic business issues, in the development of our civilisation or on a broader societal level. On November 17, we invite you to join us at ARoS for an evening out of the ordinary.