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The Misery Index

Last year, Torsten Hvidt, Co-founder of QVARTZ, was invited to join the board of the Stern Stewart Institute – alongside Big People such as the former Prime Minister of Canada, Joe Clark, Emerging Markets Editor at CNN, John Defterios and Professor of Applied Economics at The Johns Hopkins University, Steve H. Hanke. As a consequence of this association, Steve H. Hanke has allowed QVARTZ to reprint one of his most recent articles called Economic Headwinds: Big Players, Regime Uncertainty and the Misery Index. All international companies should be aware of the misery index, which is simply the sum of the unemployment, inflation and bank lending rates, minus the percentage change in real GDP per capita. Check out the tables for Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa/the Middle East.
Economic headwinds case

In the business of rebuilding lives

At a secret address in a small one-way street in Stockholm, between two majestic closed doors, one can find a group of truly extraordinary people. Not just your typical kind of extraordinary people, who crack codes or make covert plans, but the ones who change the lives of others, and also the ones who have managed to take a first step towards turning their lives around. Ann Isaksson, a former police officer, is the Operations Manager at Alla Kvinnors Hus, Sweden’s largest women’s shelter. Watch the video and read the case, and take your hat off, like we do, to people who have gone into the business of rebuilding lives.
All Women’s House case

In China, they don’t eat cheese with sticks

To Peder Tuborgh, CEO of Arla, this knowledge is essential in order to remain in the frontline of an industry where the demographics have changed drastically in recent years. Peder Tuborgh has been in Arla for almost three decades, the past 11 years as CEO. His time as CEO has been transformative and truly remarkable; the revenue has doubled and Arla has remodelled itself from a Nordic company to a true global player. A daredevil of dairy with a new bold strategy emphasising marketing and innovation. Watch the video and read the case about Peder Tuborgh and why it’s important to know how the Chinese eat cheese.


A new dawn after Skyfall

In 2013, Jacob Schram had a big idea. Statoil Fuel & Retail, which he was heading,
had been acquired by global convenience store conglomerate Alimentation Couche-Tard,
and even though this event had caused some disappointment at first, Jacob had decided to stay on board.
After an exciting journey, Jacob and his colleagues are now on the verge of launching a united global brand.
Watch the video and read their story on how to unite several brands into one global brand.


Here’s what’s buzzing at QVARTZ


The whole is greater than its part. Last week, our entire small civilisation gathered to create a synergistic effect extending far beyond what any of us could have accomplished alone. Have a sneak peek in the video.

Postcard from QVARTZ: Amanda in Singapore

Amanda Chin is a traveller at heart. She was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, but left to live and work in Australia. After several years of consulting in Sydney, Amanda joined QVARTZ for six months in 2013. Amanda was so happy about her stay that she decided to return to QVARTZ as a full-time consultant the following year. Now, she is again spreading her wings – this time through a South East Asian endeavour for Grundfos.

Sweet 28

Last week, we promoted a staggering 28 members of our small civilisation. We are happy, we are proud and we are humble. Congratulations and a big thanks for the effort to Mogens, Rahul, Matilda, Teodor, Halfdan, Ischa, Mattias, Filippa, Anne L, Michelle, Robert, Henrik K, Søren IK, Alexander, Klaudia, Emanuele, Mie, Rasmus K, Jesper P, Adam, Kristian H, Jacob W, Petter, Rolf, Torsten L, Morten A, Phil and Søren H. You all truly deserve it!


“I appreciate the QVARTZ mindset of challenging norms – I think that’s what really got me at last”. Together with two fellow junior consultants, Hannes Lüning and Carl Lekvall, Daniel Stromqvist has just signed a full-time contract with QVARTZ and is excited to continue his journey as a full-fledged consultant at our office on Birger Jarlsgatan 7 (aka BJ7).

QVARTZ con amore: Ismail and the Trampoline House

In the north-western part of Copenhagen lies a house that soars with enthusiasm, comradeship and an overarching belief in a better tomorrow. The Trampoline House, founded in 2010, is an independent community centre that provides refugees and asylum seekers in Denmark with a place of support, community and purpose. We have been so lucky as to have Ismael Yagoub, who is somewhat of a Trampoline House veteran, as an intern in QVARTZ. He joined us earlier this year to help build a competence platform where companies’ need for labour can be matched with the capabilities of individual refugees.

European onshore wind – winning in a new landscape

For quite some time, Europe has been an attractive geography for onshore wind installations. The onshore wind market is expected to continue to grow in Europe towards 2020 – but even though the market is attractive, growth has plateaued during the last three years. Future installations are expected to come from new markets in addition to old ones, with further opportunities emerging in the service markets. Players in the wind value chain need to understand how to adapt to the changing policies, markets and site availability in order to stay in the game. In our newly published white paper, we take a closer look at the dynamics that are shaping the new demands.

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